December 4th will be Pastor Eduardo and Yamille Martinez’s last Sunday at Cristo Rey before they return to Colombia. There will be a worship service that afternoon at 5:00PM, during which Bishop Yoos will install Jorge Leone as the new mission pastor for Cristo Rey. All are invited to attend this service.

Below is a message from Pastor Eduardo.

“For Christ himself has brought us peace by making Jews and Gentiles one people. With his own body, he broke down the Wall that separated them and kept them, enemies.” Ephesians 2:14

After two years of serving many of the Latino people in this Synod, my spouse Yamile and I better understand the meaning of this passage. We have seen firsthand that through faith, Christ has the capacity to join human beings, no matter their differences of culture and language. Although Mexicans, Central Americans, and Colombians speak the same language, we have many cultural differences that aren’t limited to the food that we like, but which are related to different aspects of our lives. In spite of our cultural differences, our faith works like a bridge that connects our own lives with the life history of the people who have immigrated to this country, seeking a better future for their children. To God be the glory!

We had the opportunity to receive forty-one new members by baptism this year. When we are preparing the families, we explain to them that all of us are one family because we have the same father: God, our Creator. Opening its doors to Latino people, the Lutheran Church is responding to God’s wish that all people become friends instead of enemies.

Yamile and I are so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Latino community here in South Carolina. Now, as we go back to our church in Colombia, we take with us these great experiences that help us continue to announce that same Good News, that we are able to be friends instead of enemies, by the faith in Christ.

Pastor Eduardo Martinez
Mission Developer at Cristo Rey Lutheran Church

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