Mission Accomplished

By Barbara Ware

Synod Communicator

A group of twenty-one volunteers from Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria traveled to Trinity Lutheran Church, Georgetown on July 8 to begin a week of community service. “Being a small congregation, we decided to see if we could partner with another congregation to give our youth an experience that would help them better understand our mission as people of God, and what it means to be a disciple,” explained Pastor Art Hallman of Bethlehem.

Since Pastor Hallman was familiar with Trinity Lutheran Church, he contacted members T-Ann and Donna Dorn and Pastor Greg Martin to see if there was interest at Trinity. T-Ann Dorn commented, “Everybody at Trinity was excited about the project and volunteered to do everything that we asked of them. Our hope is that other people in the community will see what can be done when we work together.” Trinity provided housing as well as morning and evening meals.

Leaders from both congregations planned the activities that included painting the exterior of a house, cleaning up debris, doing yard work, dismantling a garage, repairing steps, and building a fence. Sixteen-year-old Will Johnson reflected, “The whole experience was awesome. Helping somebody else is a good feeling. All the people were so nice to us. I would definitely do it again.”

Growing disciples and loving neighbors is a process that includes exposure to different people and places. Savie Goodman commented about her experience. “The week wasn’t so much what we did that was special, but about seeing the faces of those people that we helped. The smiles and tears were special rewards for us.”

Participants at Bethlehem and Trinity deepened their understanding of discipleship, mission, and neighbor. Hands and hearts were joined as one, doing God’s work in a special community for special people.

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