Martin Luther Visionary Reformer:
Understanding Luther and the Arts in the World Today

Friday, November 11, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia



Join the Academy of Faith and Leadership and the South Carolina Lutheran Synod, ELCA in a commemorative event of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This day-long celebration will feature the Rev. Dr. Scott H. Hendrix, Emeritus Professor of Reformation History and Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary and author of Martin Luther: Visionary Reformer. Dr. Hendrix will address what Luther wanted and why it was hard for him and us to achieve it. Rev. Dr. Clay J. Schmit and Dr. M. Patrick Graham, the Margaret A. Pitts Professor of Theological Bibliography and Director of Pitts Theology Library at Emory University, will make presentations on Luther and the Arts: Utilizing the Arts in Ministry and Worship Today.

Rev. Hendrix’s book, Martin Luther: Visionary Reformer, is available for purchase through this registration page. If you would like a copy of the book, please choose that ticket option. Books will be available for pickup on the event day. Additional books related to the Reformation theme will also be available to purchase through Trinity Cathedral Bookstore.


$15.00 General Admission
$42.00 General Admission plus Book Purchase

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Schedule of Events

10:00 a.m. – The Rev. Dr. Scott H. Hendrix, “What Luther wanted and why it was hard for him and us to achieve it?”, Stavros Lecture Hall

Martin Luther envisioned a Reformation that would do more than reform the medieval church. He sought a new Christianity that he called “true religion,” because it challenged the traditional functions that most people then and now expect religion to perform. What was that “new Christianity,” and is it sustainable in the American religious culture of today?

12:00 p.m. – Service of Holy Communion, Seminary Chapel

1:00 p.m. – Catered Lunch, Reinartz Hall and Book signing with The Rev. Dr. Scott H. Hendrix

2:00 p.m. – The Rev. Dr. Clay Schmit, “Luther and the Arts: Five Suggestions for Congregations to Utilize the Arts”, Stavros Lecture Hall

This presentation will consider a theology of art and demonstrate why Luther was very friendly to the arts. He developed no systematic theology of the arts, but through his work with artists and in hymnody, a theology of the arts fairly shimmers in his work. We will conclude with a look at how congregations today can catch Luther’s artistic spirit and employ the arts in worship and ministry today.

2:45 p.m. – Break

3:15 p.m. – Dr. M. Patrick Graham, “Luther and the Arts: The Reformation of Luther and the Woodcut”, Stavros Lecture Hall

Luther and the book are firmly linked in the popular mind because of his translation of the Bible and his skill as a religious polemicist. In addition to his incredible productivity—this first best-selling German author published an average of a book or pamphlet each month for much of his career—Martin Luther had a keen sense for the value of the woodcut to advance these works. In this illustrated lecture, five key uses of the Reformation woodcut will be elaborated, testimony to the great reformer’s genius and ability to inspire his followers in their common work.

4:00 p.m. – Questions and Answers

4:30 p.m. – Closing

5:30 p.m. – Beer and Hymns (place to be determined)

scott-h-hendrixRev. Dr. Scott H. Hendrix
Scott H. Hendrix is Emeritus Professor of Reformation History and Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. He also taught at three ELCA seminaries: Southern, Philadelphia, and Gettysburg. Scott grew up in Columbia (SC) and graduated from Southern Seminary before earning his doctorate from the University of Tübingen in Germany. His research and writing have concentrated on Martin Luther and the German Reformation. Recent books include Recultivating the Vineyard: Reformation Agendas of Christianization (2004), Early Protestant Spirituality (2009), Martin Luther: A Very Short Introduction (2010), and the new biography, Martin Luther: Visionary Reformer (2015).

clay-schmitRev. Dr. Clay J. Schmit
The Rev. Dr. Clayton J. Schmit served as the Provost of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary from its merger with Lenoir-Rhyne University in 2012 until August 2016. Prior to coming to Columbia, South Carolina, Dr. Schmit served as the DeKrutyer Professor of Preaching and the Academic Director of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary. He earned an MDiv degree from Luther Seminary and a PhD from the Graduate Theological Union. He is an ordained clergy member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Dr. Schmit’s books, writings, musical compositions explore the intersection between the practices of ministry and the arts.

077bDr. M. Patrick Graham
Dr. M. Patrick Graham is the Margaret A. Pitts Professor of Theological Bibliography at the Candler School of Theology and is Director of the Pitts Theology Library (Emory University). He holds degrees from Abilene Christian University (B.A., M.A., M.Div.), Emory University (Ph.D.) and The University of Texas at Austin (MLIS). He is the author of one book and co-editor of another ten, and has written numerous articles and book reviews, typically on topics related to the Old Testament, libraries, or the use of woodcuts in the sixteenth century. He has chaired reaffirmation of accreditation committees for ATS and SACS, served as a library consultant, and is currently on committees of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Theological Library Association.

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