thank you‘Embracing Stewardship’ from Chick Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy

If our model for understanding people is that they are totally driven by a sense of selfless duty, then thanking them for anything they do might be a disservice because obviously they are not interested in being recognized, praised or benefitting in any way. Pastor Chick Lane says, however, that his experience with people is that they do like to be appreciated and thanked for the gifts they offer.

In their new book “Embracing Stewardship,” both Lane and co-author Grace Duddy Pomroy write about many important topics on congregational stewardship, including a chapter dedicated to the practical aspects of congregations thanking people. Watch this video to hear some of those ideas, and download this sample congregational “thank-you plan” for some intentional approaches. Also check out this ELCA resource on thanking donors. What would it mean for your congregation to be more expressive in saying thank you?

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