By Rev. Tim Bupp, Reformation, Columbia

photo 5Since experiencing the historic 24″ of water in a 48 hour period, South Carolina and Columbia has seen flooding we have not seen in generations or in anyone’s recollective history. But… We have also seen an unprecedented outpouring of care an compassion in the SC area and from beyond.

Since the flood, Reformation along with countless other churches and agencies have been putting in countless hours to help with relief as we gain our balance and begin recovery. We struggle with our own loss as we also help others with there’s. We seek to give water to those who are thirsty, cloth those who are naked, and feed those who are hungry. All while we negotiate washed out bridges, closed roads and isolated neighborhoods.

We at Reformation have been collecting water, baby, and cleaning supplies for one such neighborhood, Denny Terrace. They have been isolated since the storm, and a community that was 10 minutes from Columbia, is now over an hour away because to negotiate the closings you have to travel north to Blythewood to drive south into Denny Terrace. But we are overcoming these obstacles as people donated through Reformation, and volunteers drive the water and other items to that isolated community. We shall overcome as a community in Christ.

Find out more about how you can help here >>

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