big-gameThank you for the amazing outpouring of support to the ELCA Big Game Challenge between Team Carolina (North Carolina Synod and South Carolina Synod) and Team Denver (Rocky Mountain Synod).

Here are the ELCA Big Game Results. We have some tough news and some great news to report.

The tough news is that Von Miller, Bishop Jim Gonia and the people of the Rocky Mountain Synod finished ahead of both the Panthers and Team Carolina.

The great news is the effort we gave was truly amazing! At a few points during the challenge Team Carolina made up $9,000 and $12,000 deficits to have the lead at the end of the actual game. Some donations between Midnight and 1:00 a.m. eastern time pushed Team Denver over the top.

The official numbers as of Midnight central time were:
Team Denver: $35,621
Team Carolina: $34,672
Total: $70,293

We raised over $70,000 for ELCA World Hunger, more than $20,000 over our combined goal. That’s almost twice what has been collected in recent challenges for the “Big Game.”

Bishop Tim Smith, Bishop Herman Yoos, and our staffs are are so thankful for your support. Thank you!
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