By Rev. Leroy Cannon

After the horrific and devastating flood in early October, I was busy pumping water from my basement when I heard that the major artery to the sprawling rural community where Pleasant Spring at Christ Mission is located was washed out by the flooding of Crane Creek. It was also brought to my attention that an 82 year old gentleman drowned in his car, several families were completely washed out of their homes, several families had to be rescued by boats, and one family had to climb to the top of their roof to escape from the attic window. I realized that my church community was in dire need.

The Denny Terrace Community was completely isolated from the City of Columbia. A fifteen minute drive to Columbia took one hour. The people were hurting and in need of water, food, clothes and cleaning supplies. Christ Mission, a Synodically authorized worshipping community, instantly became a flood relief distribution center. This became a rallying point for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; the South Carolina Synod; partner churches including Reformation, Bethel, Mt. Tabor, and others across the state; and other organizations from across the southeast.

We were able to help families with housing until they were relocated. Our distribution center received five truckloads of donated food, clothes, supplies, and other items which were distributed to the community. The South Carolina Synod and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church provided substantial monetary gifts.

We fed 900 walk in neighbors during the first week after flooding. On the first Sunday of the flood, we fed 300 during the church service hour. The second Sunday after the flood, we fed 400 after our church service at our community picnic.

photo 5We were prepared through worship to go into the mission field to do God’s will. We were blessed to be an impromptu distribution center for our community during this time of need. Three churches in Denny Terrace worshipped at Christ Mission the Sunday after Thanksgiving to give praise and thanks to God. The offering was given to one of the flood victims.

We are so grateful for the help and cooperation given us during this time of tremendous need. We pray that God will continue to bless Pleasant Spring at Christ Mission and the Denny Terrace Community.

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