trump-awardSaint Andrew’s, Columbia Pastor John Trump earned an award for stewardship ministry by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The Good Steward Award is given annually to the church leader who exemplifies outstanding stewardship through preaching, teaching and example.

In the last year, Pastor Trump helped guide a congregation to donate over $50,000 for a water purification system in Tanzania and a Social Ministry Team that gives out $10,000 annually to a variety of nonprofits in the Midlands, as well as its annual $40,000 gift to the wider Lutheran church.

“Technically my name is on this award but it belongs to our entire ministry,” Trump said. “It is because of their faithfulness in giving to this community and other organizations that we have been able to impact many people’s lives. I am proud of this award because I am proud of our church.”

Among other activities, members of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church oversee a welcome house for refugees, participate in Operation Inasmuch, and helps with food pantry donations including providing backpacks full of food for children to take home on the weekends.

The Good Steward award is in honor of Dr. Richard Lee Peterman and was established in 1984 by the Lutheran Laity Movement for Stewardship. It honors the pastor that has shown the importance of stewardship by using innovative programs, new resources or made significant gains in stewardship during the last year or over a longer period of time.

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