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Some Reflections on the Mother Emanuel Martyr of the Church

Today is the Sunday closest to the second anniversary of the Mother Emanuel tragedy where nine African American brothers and sisters in Christ were gunned down during a Bible Study by a young, white male hoping to incite a race war.

Some might be tempted to ask, “Didn’t our politicians unite to remove the Confederate Flag? Haven’t there been significant efforts in this state since then to address our racial injustices and divisions and to work towards reconciliation? Isn’t it time to simply move on?”

‘The rain, it just wouldn’t stop’

Dorothy Brown has been through a lot in 89 years: the death of her son, the loss of her husband, and more storms and bad weather than she could ever begin to count.

University Lutheran Clemson Starts Wellness Ministry

Three members of University Lutheran Church and Campus Ministry Clemson (UniLu) have received training as Congregational Health Promoters as part of the Abundant Living affiliate of Baptist Easley Hospital in Pickens, South Carolina. Lena Jones RN, Linda Morgan RN, and Pat Morgan coordinated a covenant between UniLu and the Abundant Living team to “promote the whole person health of their members through improved access to health information and preventive care.

Bringing Light into Darkness

Few places are as dark as prisons, whose inhabitants often feel alone and forgotten.

But Bob Larson, a member of the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in Greenville, SC, is part of a movement that brings light and hope to the incarcerated, all while helping to fulfill the mission of the church in the community.

Rambling with Raymond

When Charlene Fink and I were discussing the procedures for closing out the Synod fiscal year, January 31, 2017, I thought about 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Everything old has passed away; behold, everything has become new!” Could this verse also apply to our financials and accounting records and procedures– closing the old year and starting the new year?

Worlds Apart But Companions!

What a blessing it was to welcome Pastor Naibu Nyambo as guest preacher this past January at St. David’s Lutheran Church, West Columbia, SC! Pastor Nyambo is the pastor of the Lutheran Church in Matamba, Tanzania, of the Southwest Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, and is St. David’s companion congregation. Nicknamed Pastor “Nemo,” his visit was unique and historic because it was the first time a pastor from a companion congregation in Tanzania has visited a sister church in the United States. Though the purpose of Pastor Nemo’s trip was to study at the Lutheran Southern Seminary in Columbia SC, he is grateful for the relationship that has developed between the churches of the two synods, so he came to St. David’s bearing gifts of thanks. In turn, the St. David’s We Care Team provided a quilt they made that is symbolic of their support of Lutheran World Relief.

Try-A-Tithe Sunday

Would you like to get a glimpse of what stewardship would look like in your congregation if each member gave from what they have?

Would you like to open up conversation on the concept of proportionate giving?

Celebrating 75 Years of Service

In 1942, a group of determined, committed, and faithful women embarked on a mission to serve Newberry College. That group of women became known as the Newberry College Women’s League. Throughout the years, ways of serving and supporting Newberry College may have changed, but the depth of the League’s determination, commitment, and faithfulness has not. This group of devoted and faithful servants has supported and aided the campus in more ways than most could imagine. For seventy-five years, the Newberry College Women’s League has worked to improve the Newberry College campus in ways that directly benefit the student body.

Taking Aim

Newberry College Targets Results After Graduation for Students
Since its founding in 1856, Newberry College has been preparing students for productive careers and meaningful lives. Flourishing alumni, along with record-breaking enrollment and rankings, are solid evidence the College continues to fulfill its mission.