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Visiting Wittenberg during this 500th anniversary

One of the blessings of sacramental theology is the assurance that God will be there when we get around to showing up. It is my heart’s desire to be prepared as I extend my hand for the communion bread; but it is the assurance of Christ’s promise “broken for you” which makes the exchange complete.

2017 Rostered Ministers Gathering

In August, we saw something that had never been seen before. It was illuminating and educating. And hundreds gathered together to be a part of this incredible event, and it began two weeks before the eclipse.

Mobilizing women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ

As a lighthouse shines in the darkness to guide ship captains away from dangers and toward safety, this year SC WELCA will respond to Jesus’ calling to reflect his light through local and global projects. Our theme and hymn (#715 ELW) is “Christ, Be Our Light.” We are called to be God’s living voice for those seeking basic needs such as shelter, food, clean water, and safety. We ask God to shine through the darkness and in our hearts so we may be instruments of his mercy.

Making men bold, daring followers of Jesus Christ

South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission By Frank Bouknight,President of the South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission (SCLMM) are strong and busy doing God’s work Although we have experienced fewer givers and aging membership we have...

Lifelong Faith Formation

Her name was Mrs. Agnes. She was my third grade Sunday school teacher and as an 8 year old boy, she seemed to be at least 100 year old but was probably in her mid 70’s. In spite of the age difference, she loved each of her students and made us feel important to her and to God. Each Sunday morning she would begin by playing the piano and asking us to name some of our favorite hymns. “Jesus Loves Me”, Beautiful Saviour”, “This Little Light of Mine”, were frequent requests, but my favorite was “This is My Father’s World”. Whenever it was my turn to pick the hymn, that was my request and it still is one of my favorites today.

A Service of Farewell

“A Service of Farewell” was written on the front of the bulletin for Breath of Life Lutheran Church in Blythewood, SC. Seeing those words evoked feelings of grief and loss – death seemed to permeate the air and would set the tone for the day.

Africa Calls!

Rich Wilson asked, “How big is your world? Is it comprised of one nation, one state, one city, or one house? It wasn’t until God opened my eyes to a whole new world that I began to truly see and understand what His Kingdom agenda is. God can use you to answer prayers being prayed on the other side of the world.”1

A Journey with the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church

Compiled by The Rev. Ginny Aebischer On this journey we each experienced grace upon grace and amazing hospitality. We had many opportunities to laugh at ourselves and our cultural learning curves. And we experienced the joy of real fellowship with people who live on...

Mount Calvary Hosts Gala To Benefit ICare4

On May 13 at 11:00am, over 110 people gathered at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Johnston, SC for a benefit for ICare4. This benefit was hosted by the Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Social Ministry and Youth Group committees. ICare4 is a non-profit, faith based organization that provides aide to young men, women and children who are rescued by local police and FBI from Human/Sex Trafficking.