A Bulletin from the National Weather Service Hurricane Center in Miami Florida.

A Tropical Storm Warning has been Extended along the Florida Gulf and Atlantic Coasts from the National Weather Service.

South Carolina’s Emergency Management Division is monitoring Tropical Storm Hermine, as the storm could bring significant rain to the Coastal and Midlands regions.

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While South Carolina isn’t expected to face the worst of the storm, much of the state is expected to received significant rainfall. As we learned last October, that may cause flooding and extensive damage. Downed trees and power lines will be something to watch out for.

  • Please take time to prepare for the conditions.
  • Extra batteries and drinking water on hand wouldn’t be a bad idea.
  • Please check on neighbors once the storm has passed.
  • Please stay safe and avoid roads that are flooded.
  • Have a “go bag” ready if you need to leave the house. (include medicine, important papers, and other supplies.)

If your Church building is damaged or there are other situations that arise please let the Synod Office know.

Stay alert, keep up with the latest updates from your local stations. As we found out in last year’s flood some great sources of information on what’s happening beyond local media are the following Twitter feeds:

South Carolina Emergency Management Division
South Carolina Department of Transportation

Please know that all in the path of this storm are in our prayers.

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