Interested in mission development? Would you like to get a handle on the practical nuts and bolts of church planting? Would you like to get extensive hands-on training in urban church planting? If so, then check out these two new opportunities from the Lutheran Church Planters Network:

The first opportunity is to participate in a 5-day church planters boot camp, to be held at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago from July 18-22. Rub shoulders with experienced church planters and get equipped with the tools you need to take the next step in planting a church. The cost for the program is $500 per participant.

The second opportunity is to apply for a new one-year stipended church planter residency program in Chicago, starting this fall. Potential residents may be ordained clergy, seminarians, youth ministers or non-ordained evangelists.

For details, go to . Questions? Email Pastor Fred Nelson at

Fred Nelson is an ELCA pastor in the Chicago area. Over the past few years he was among those who started something called the Lutheran Church Planters Network ( This new 3-year pilot program is being done in partnership with the Metro Chicago Synod and Ruben Duran of Domestic Mission at churchwide, offering this 5-day boot camp, follow-up coaching, and a 11-month stipended church planting residency at our congregation’s third site in Chicago.

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