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Last week we unveiled our theme for the 2022 South Carolina Synod Assembly – I Love to Tell the Story. This week, we take a deeper dive into the meaning and the imagery we are using to celebrate this year.

Have you ever played a game of domino? As we began to explore our goals for this year’s Assembly, the image of dominoes quickly came to mind. Not the game domino, but the way we like to line them up and see how many we can make tip over in a single continuous row. It is thrilling to be the person to “start” the tipping.

As we pondered our scripture verse from Joel, a line of dominoes tipping over quickly came to mind.

Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.

The gigantic story of God’s loving pursuit of us is a story worth passing from generation to generation. We plan to have some fun with dominoes this year at assembly. As we thought about what those ideas might be, we had an honest conversation about the idea of “turning to your neighbor” to share a reflection or story. We recognize that not everyone who attends assembly is comfortable turning to their neighbor on the spot to share a reflection, story, or idea. While one of our goals is to empower, equip, and energize you to tell the story of how God is active in your life, we won’t put you on the spot. In addition, our first idea for using dominoes is to have buttons for those attending. You can identify yourself as a teller or a listener.

As we continue to prepare for this year’s assembly, we will continue to tell stories and share more details about what you can expect.

Until then, we invite you to consider who the “tellers” were in your own life? How and when did you first realize God’s gigantic love for you?

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