Lead by Professor Phillip Cary, Ph.D. leads Martin Luther: Gospel, Law and Reformation, this educational events will be held on Tuesday’s beginning August 8th at 3:00 p.m. in the Hoefler Gallery.

He was only one man-a humble monk and Bible professor-yet he sparked a religious rebellion that changed the course of history. Who was Martin Luther? What made his theology so explosive in 16th-century Europe? Was it really his intention to start Protestantism, and with it a new church?

Martin Luther is so interesting to study, Professor Phillip Cary believes, because he is so controversial. In fact, Luther may be more interesting to study today because the controversy surrounding him is more complicated-less black-and-white-than when he was alive.

Many Catholics today find things in Luther to respect and admire, while many Protestants reject aspects of his legacy as misguided, embarrassing, or even evil.


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