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Storytelling with The Rev. Mary Canniff-Kuhn

By The Rev. Matthew Titus

“I’d like to tell you a story.”

With those simple words, Rev. Mary Caniff-Kuhn, is able to draw all who are gathered around her into the story of God’s love. Pastor Mary was able to share that love with the South Carolina Synod Assembly in Charleston, SC as she shared three stories to those gathered.

With each story, Pastor Mary, was able to share those stories that remind us of God’s love, faithfulness, and grace. With her clear voice, hand motions, inviting the group to participate, and authentic emotion, Pastor Mary was able to tell us those stories of God that we know so well, but in a way that we haven’t heard before.

At this year’s assembly, Pastor Mary was able to share multiple stories with us – Miss Tizzy, Hannah the Joyful, Wanda’s Roses, The Mountain Who Loved a Bird, and Imagine That. Each story was a reminder to those gathered that God’s love is shared in so many ways. God’s love and grace is shared with us in community, through the miracle of joy, in the truth that we do indeed have enough to share, and so much more.

“Oh, my friends…” God’s love is with us with always. The stories of God that we hear through the stories we know so well remind us that we are not alone. Pastor Mary, throughout her life and in our assembly, continues to invite all to share the story of God through all the ways we know best – words, actions, and love. Go and share the love of God through the story the great story that we all get to tell.

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