Stewardship Symposium 2019

By The Rev. Ozzie Herlong

Director for Stewardship, ELCA South Carolina Synod

January 25, 2019 at LTSS Stavros Lecture Hall

The 2019 Stewardship Symposium, Navigating Stewardship: Setting Sail on a Mission, will take place on January 25, 2019 at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary’s Stavros Lecture Hall. Registration opens November 1, 2018

The Rev. Dr. Marty E. Stevens will be the keynote presenter at the 2019 Stewardship Symposium at the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary Stavros Lecture Hall on January 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided as a part of the registration fee. The symposium is for seminarians, pastors, alumni, congregational stewardship committees, lay persons, friends and other interested persons.

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The symposium will focus on expanding understanding of biblical stewardship, identifying barriers to healthy stewardship, and help participants develop a year-round stewardship plan to support and enrich the congregational mission. Opportunity will be given to share stewardship ideas and learn from each other.

SESSION 1: Scouting the Landscape
For most people, the word “stewardship” means “money.” In this session, we will explore the occurrences of “stewardship” in the New Testament to discover a more expansive definition. Then we will explore how stewardship connects with congregational and denominational mission. We will discuss how a missional focus can energize a congregation’s stewardship efforts.

SESSION 2: Embarking on a Voyage
This session will build on our biblical exploration from the earlier session. We will identify congregational assets and values that contribute to healthy stewardship in a congregation. Participants will discuss obstacles to healthy stewardship practices and we will begin developing strategies to implement year-round liturgical stewardship plans in congregations.

Dr. Stevens has served the Church extensively in a variety of role including pastor, teacher, scholar, and administrator. She recently retired from Gettysburg Seminary as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Registrar. In the position of the Arthur L. Larson position of Stewardship and Parish Ministry, Dr. Stevens taught classes in Biblical Economics, Congregational Stewardship, and Financial Literacy.

The publication of her first book, Temples, Tithes, and Taxes: The Temple and the Economic Life of Ancient Israel, in 2006, combined her biblical scholarship with her significant financial expertise. Her second book, Theological Themes of the Old Testament: Creation, Covenant, Cultus, Character was published in 2010. As a companion to this, her third book, Leadership Roles in the Old Testament: King, Prophet, Priest, Sage, was published in 2012.

Dr. Stevens is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Accounting, a 1993 graduate of the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary of Lenior Rhyne University, Columbia and a 2002 graduate of Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia with a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. She served as Pastor at St. John Lutheran Church, Salisbury, North Carolina, where she reinvigorated educational programming through the recruitment and training of lay people for leadership. She has taught seminary students at Union, Southern Seminary, and Gettysburg Seminary. Dr. Stevens has been a keynote presenter in various synods, including Delaware/Maryland, Virginia, Southwestern Pennsylvania, Northwestern Pennsylvania, Allegheny, Montana, and Pacifica.

The Stewardship Symposium is an event offered by the Speakers and Events Committee, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary of Lenoir-Rhyne University and the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary/Region 9 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Council for Stewardship Education.

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