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Spouses of South Carolina Synod Rostered Leaders Retreat

Dear Friends in Christ,

For many years, the spouses of our SC Synod Rostered Leaders have met for a fun-filled annual retreat to re-unite with friends and meet new ones. Here we have lots of fun, fellowship, and conversations, as well as a program on Saturday that is designed to be meaningful to you specifically as the Spouse of a Rostered Leader.

This year at Camp Kinard in Batesburg-Leesville, SC, the dates for the retreat are February 21-22, 2020. We gather mid to late afternoon on Friday and the retreat will conclude after lunch on Saturday. Feel free, however, to come earlier on Friday or stay later on Saturday to take full advantage of Camp Kinard’s lovely wildlife trails and pastoral setting. Those living nearby may commute if preferred.

This year, Pastor Christi Pursey will lead our program themed, “What do you hear?”

Please fill out the enclosed registration form and return by February 4 with check to: Cindy Yoos (1219 Ellett Road, Chapin, SC 29036). Checks should be made payable to SC Lutheran Retreat Centers.

If you prefer a double room and roommate, please list the roommate’s name (after making sure that person plans to attend; otherwise you may be placed with someone else or charged for a single room).

Friday night’s meal will again consist of what seems to work best with this group: bring an appetizer or dessert dish and beverage of choice. Sandwiches, bottled water and ice will be provided.

Breakfast and lunch on Saturday will be planned by the Retreat Committee – you may be asked for a nominal fee to cover those costs at the retreat, so please bring a check with you.

For those of you who have never attended this annual retreat, I give you a personal invitation to join us in February and experience for yourself loving friendships and support from our unique synod group. If you know of a new Rostered Leader’s Spouse in SC or someone who has never attended, PLEASE invite them to join us. If you have attended before, we look forward to seeing you again!

Cindy Yoos

Registration Form

The registration form for the Spouses of our South Carolina Synod Rostered Leaders Retreat

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