Synod-Communicator-Form-color-smallEach Congregation Council of the South Carolina Synod has been asked to appoint a Synod Communicator to share stories of God’s mission in two directions. First, the communicator is asked to share the stories of God’s mission in the South Carolina Synod and the Churchwide Organization in the congregation. Second, the communicator is asked to share stories about God’s work in your congregation with the synod.

Synod Communicators will focus on communication activities such as:

  • Share stories of God’s Mission by showing the synod video(s) in a variety of settings in the congregation
  • Distribute and conduct a devotion with Stories of Faith in Action, churchwide organization magazine
  • Display the poster titled Where Does My Offering Go? in an appropriate place in your church facility
  • Sign up for the eNews, encourage your Congregation Council and members of your congregation to sign up.
  • Submit a short story (250 words) with two to three good quality pictures that we can choose from to illustrate your story. Begin to think of ways the Holy Spirit has been giving your congregation energy to reach out with the love of Christ in your community. Send your story to Neal Fischer.

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