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Peak to Prosperity: A Walk for Recovery Residence

Information for the Walk for Recovery Residence
Peak to Prosperity Passage of the Palmetto Trail
Sunday, November 10, 2019


  • Invite/recruit walker(s)
  • Invite/recruit sponsors/donors for your walker(s)
  • Inform donors on how to give:

Two options:

  1. Mail a check (“For: Recovery Residence”) to:
    Lutheran Services Carolinas, (ATT: Rachael Fulmer) 1118 Union Street, Columbia, SC 20201
  2. Write a check made out to your congregation (“For: Recovery Residence”) to be routed through your congregation to the synod (to receive credit for extra congregational benevolence), and the synod will forward the monies to Lutheran Services Carolinas.


  • Meet in Peak (park across the street from the Peak Pharmacy) at 1:00 PM.
  • We will begin walking at 1:15 PM. Approximate walking time will be 4 hours.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and socks (no open toed shoes), as the trail is an old railroad bed and is quite rocky.
  • You may choose your distance:
    • Peak to Broad River Road underpass and
    • back to Peak: 2.2 miles
    • Peak to Hope Station Rd. crossing: 3.8 miles
    • Peak to Wilson’s Grocery, Pomaria: 6.5 miles
    • Peak to Kiblers Bridge Rd. crossing (near Mid-Carolina Country Club): 10 miles
      Note: For the last 3 options, we hope to have volunteers available to shuttle you back to Peak.
  • Information about the Palmetto Trail (and a map of the Peak to Prosperity Passage) can be found at:
  • Bring along a water bottle and any snacks/energy bars/etc. that you might prefer.
  • Realize that there are no restrooms on the trail itself.
    • We might be able to provide volunteers to shuttle walkers to St. John’s Lutheran at mile marker 3.8
    • Wilson’s Grocery is at mile marker 6.5

Plan to enjoy God’s creation, the Palmetto Trail, and fellowship and fun with others!

And finally, THANK YOU for taking part in this ministry opportunity to live out the challenge of our liturgy’s sending: “Go in peace. Serve the Lord! Thanks be to God!”

NOTE: If you are unable to join this walk but would like to make a donation to support this ministry, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Questions? Contact: Rev. Art Hallman (803-924-9011) or Rev. Ron Brown (803-201-5524).

Peak to Prosperity Passage of the Palmetto Trail Map

Peak to Prosperity Passage of the Palmetto Trail Map

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