By Jill Johnson, Director of Marketing, Newberry College

Fast-paced summer courses offer unique topics along with college basics

NEWBERRY WOLFDays are getting longer and warmer, a sure sign that summer will soon be upon us – and with it, new opportunities for learning. Summer sessions at Newberry College offer a chance for both students and lifelong learners to explore new areas of interest or brush up on key career skills.

Newberry College offers three sessions after the close of the regular academic year:

May Term — May 9 – 27
Summer Session I – May 31 – June 29
Summer Session II – July 5 – August 3

The shorter, concentrated courses offered during summer session are ideal for adult learners looking for a shorter time commitment. They also offer flexibility for graduating high school senior looking to get a jump on classes or take a “catch-up” class. Likewise, summer sessions give current college students the opportunity to earn extra credits or catch up on academic requirements.

Sample Course Offerings:

MAY TERM: May 9 – 27
Spirituality & Social Action [May 100] – The course will examine how spiritual perspectives influence vocation and service, including modes such as scriptural readings, prayers, and Sabbath. It will include a three-day retreat with a travel fee of $150.
What’s All the Buzz About? [May 107] – The importance of bees and their possible extinction is increasingly in the headlines. Learn about bees and how to keep them healthy and happy.
Baseball in America [May 108] – Examine the historical, political and economic interactions of baseball in American culture. Students attend a professional and college game at their own cost.
Experiencing Theatre [May 110] – Examine the art of modern theatre through the study and attendance at several productions. Textbook provided; students purchase tickets to three shows.

SUMMER SESSION I: May 31 – June 29
Clay Art: Ceramics I [ART 171] – Experience the joy of artistic creation working with clay.
Nutrition for Healthy Living [PHE 220] – Learn about the basics of nutrition for maintaining and improving quality of life and good health.
Public Speaking [SPE 110] – Brush up on your communication skills and hone your ability to craft well-organized and dynamic speeches.
Spanish Language & Culture [SPA 101] – Introductory course covering grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

SUMMER SESSION II: July 5 – August 3
First Aid & CPR [PHE 117] – Be prepared for anything with a course offering American Red Cross: Adult and Pediatric CPR, First Aid and AED Lay Responder certification.
Psychology of Personality [PSY 325 – BLENDED COURSE] – Explore how personalities and behavior are influenced by personal environments.
Psychology of Aging, Dying, and Death [PSY 340] – This course will explore current and past views on the end of the life cycle, including perspectives from various cultures. It is a blended course including online and in-class learning.

Audit or College Credit
To take a class without receiving academic credit or if you are taking additional credit while pursuing degrees elsewhere, apply using “Special Student Application” on Click on Admission, go to Getting Started and click on Apply Now.

Newberry College Credit
If you plan to take classes for credit toward a degree from Newberry College, apply for regular admission at

For information about course fees, admission requirements and applications, visit and select Admission. To view the complete course schedules for May Term and summer sessions, visit, select Academics, go to Registrar and select Course Schedules.

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