Join us for Giving Tuesday!

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have you ever participated in Giving Tuesday?

What’s Giving Tuesday?

Excellent question! In the midst of the holiday season, where so much of the activities in our society centers around material possessions, Giving Tuesday is a day to shift our focus onto how we can help others.

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to donate towards specific organizations or funds that serve the community. Here at the South Carolina Synod, we’re focusing our Giving Tuesday efforts on two programs.

The first is working to answer the hopes and prayers of our Latino brothers and sisters at the Cristo Rey. Work continues toward building a new sanctuary for the growing and vital mission congregation through Growing in God’s Mission.

The second is Gifts of Hope. Gifts of Hope is an alternative gift-giving program of the South Carolina Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. As you consider gifts for Christmas – give gifts that really matter. Give HOPE! The program supports the ministries and institutions across the synod.

Go to the links below to learn more participate in Giving Tuesday and to donate or consider a gift. Remember, Giving Tuesday takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Choose “Growing in God’s Mission” in the drop-down box.

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