Is Funding a Pain? Pre-Assembly Workshop

By Beth Fulmer

A Workshop with Deacon Mitzie Schafer

Is funding a pain? If you ask Deacon Mitzie Schafer or, better yet, invite her to your church, it certainly is NOT! Deacon Schafer, who began her career as a Regional Gift Planner, insists that with a good plan and transparency, ministry funding can be a step-by-step process for any church.

In many cases, church funding involves gifts and/or endowments; therefore, a gift policy is undeniably necessary. It is important to keep it simple, know what is in it, and know where it is.

The purpose of an endowment is to provide a regular and consistent income to support a very defined specific ministry. An endowment is controlled by bylaws, which are the ground rules as to how to disperse the money.

Funding and gift planning incorporates much more than what three para-graphs can adequately cover. If a church does not have a gift plan, then it would be well worth having the help of Deacon Mitzie Schafer in develop-ing one. There is no charge to congregations or members to work with Deacon Schafer. She doesn’t work on commission and has nothing to sell you.


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