We’ve all seen the unexpected devastation Hurricane Harvey unleashed on Texas. Some of you might have even been through a hurricane or two. Whether you’re new to Hurricane Season or a seasoned veteran, we’d like to make sure our customers are prepared. Regardless of whether you’re a large corporation or a home user, please make use of the tips below to ensure your data stays as safe as possible.

Hurricane IT Preparation

  1. Document your systems, configurations & vendors.
  2. Scan or make waterproof any key paper documents.
  3. Back up all data to removable media.
  4. Back up all data to an off-site location.
  5. Power down & unplug equipment if threat is imminent.
  6. Protect equipment.
    1. Get items off floor and away from windows.
    2. Wrap items in plastic sheeting or garbage bags to avoid water damage.
  7. Find a secondary location for servers during recovery.
  8. Have adequate uninterruptible power supplies.
  9. Change office phone greetings and call routing if you’re closing during a storm.

DO NOT plug in any equipment or cabling that has been wet, including wireless routers, access points and switches.

After storms, the most common issue our customers have faced through the years is having insufficient data backups. Your data should be backed up to an off-site secure data center and be able to be reloaded within a few hours.

(This article has been reprinted from Blencowe IT, a company the synod office has worked with, and is used with permission.)


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