GGM-logoA generous donor has pledged $20,000 for end of the year matching gifts to be used for South Carolina seminarian scholarship assistance. Our GGM Appeal goal was for $100,000 for endowment scholarships but we only received $60,000 for this need. Currently the average cost of one year of seminary is between $40,000 to $45,000. Most of our students graduate with significant debt. With your help and the help of this generous donor we can provide significant support for future leaders who seek to serve Jesus Christ and the church. Please make your check to Growing in God’s Mission and indicate for Scholarship Assistance.

The South Carolina Synod now has online giving available. You may donate to this program through our giving program here. Our online giving has the ability to accept donation via credit card and by bank transfer. As always, donations may be sent directly to the Synod Office at 1003, Richland Street, Columbia, SC 29201. Make sure the envelope is to the attention of Growing God’s Mission.


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