James NestingenDr. Monte Luker of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary announces a 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Study Tour this October 12-20. Dr. Luker taught this study tour last year, and so has experience shepherding the group along with our seasoned German guide. Accompanying us this year is one of the most renowned Luther scholars in the world, Dr. James Nestingen, recently retired from Luther Seminary, St Paul, MN.

This is not merely a tour, but will include reading Dr. Nestingen’s book on Luther before departure, the reading of Dr. Paul Hinlicky’s (Roanoke College) posted essays on the Lutheran Confessions, and regular dialogs with Drs. Luker and Nestingen during the study course in Germany.

The cost is only $2518, all inclusive, from New York. The deadline for registration at the published price is JUNE 29, 2016. Seating is limited.

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