Faith Formation Pre-Assembly Workshop

By The Rev. Lisa Isenhower

Deacons Andrew More and Deborah Poole led participants in exploring a new paradigm for faith formation. Reflecting on ways that our culture has changed since the 20th Century, More and Poole made a compelling case for changing the way we think about—and do—faith formation in the 21st Century. Poole explained that Faith Formation is rather like an ecosystem, with faith being formed through family and through mission, across all life stages and generations. All of these various places where faith is formed are connected and enabled by digital resources.

As technology has changed, so has learning. 21st century learners need opportunities to learn that suit their varied learning styles. They may prefer to engage faith-forming activities in a more personal, individualized way. The church building is no longer the one place from which people seek resources for faith formation. Rather, people seek faith forming activities and resources digitally. Interactive, immersive experiences may be best for forming faith. For the faith formation leader, this may mean becoming more of a curator than an instructor. The faith formation curator is charged with finding, evaluating, and making available the resources that will help people form faith.

The effective faith formation leader will help others form faith in God by providing a faith formation framework that includes digital platforms (such as websites and social media sites) where such content as blogs, podcasts, discussion boards, and other resources can be accessed.

Poole and More will try to provide, in digital format, the materials from their presentation in the near future.


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