By Tia Upchurch-Freelove, ELCA Advocacy’s Program Director for Communications and Grassroots Outreach

ELCAVotesWe are called to conversation and prayer around our role as U.S. residents and as people of faith in ensuring our election systems promote dignity and respect for all.

We are called to act by speaking out as advocates and engaging in local efforts to guarantee the right to vote to all citizens.

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ELCAvotes is an initiative to:

  1. Expand the role of the church in encouraging faithful and non-partisan voter participation by providing faith based resources around voting;
  2. Provide a framework for all Lutherans to understand and speak out about the intersection of voting/elections, racial/gender and economic justice;
  3. Provide young adults the tools to understand and speak about what it means to be a young person of faith who is civically engaged; and
  4. Engage with and equip ethnic communities to talk about voting rights and race and their connection with elections today.

From the Social Policy Resolution, “Voting Rights to All Citizens” adopted August 2013

“[It is] resolved, that members, congregations, and synods of this church be encouraged to “promote public life worthy of the name” by speaking out as an advocate and engaging in local efforts such as voter registration and supporting legislation to guarantee the right to vote to all citizens…”

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