The Situation:

ecuador-earthquakeA powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the northern coast of Ecuador on April 16. While assessment of damage is still taking place, more than 250 deaths have been confirmed, thousands have been injured and massive damage to and destruction of buildings and homes have been reported. The quake is the worst the region has experienced in more than 35 years.

Our Response:

Working with our trusted partners, Lutheran Disaster Response will help those in need, especially those living in smaller cities and regions that are vulnerable and in need of immediate assistance. Lutheran Disaster Response is continuing to gather information from affected areas and has started to establish coordination with the government and other relief agencies. We anticipate relief will be provided in the form of food, water, medical supplies, shelter and psycho-social support.

What Can You Do?


Continue to pray for the people affected by the earthquake, may God’s healing presence comfort them in their time of need.


Gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response, International will be used to assist those directly impacted by the earthquake until the response is complete. (Select Lutheran Disaster Response, International from the Designation drop-down list.)


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