Richland County Emergency Services is looking for places of worship to serve as Community Emergency Evacuation Centers (CEEC) in the event of a disaster or emergency in the county.

What is a CEEC?

  • A CEEC is a place to go when you have nowhere else to go! It is not a shelter!!!!!
  • Ideally this will be a stay of 24hours or less, just until the Red Cross can get shelters up and running.
  • You do not have to provide food, sleeping arrangements or shower facilities. (Unless you choose to provide)
  • It is a place to be, go to, to be safe and be out of the elements, whatever they may be.
  • It will be staffed with church members or other members of the community

If your place of worship might be interested in becoming a CEEC but would like more information, or a presentation, please contact Sharon Long at 803-240-9955.

*We are looking for places of worship that would be willing to house Pets along with their owner also!

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