Want great interest earnings on your savings in a low-interest environment? Look to the Mission Investment Fund.

For a limited time, MIF is offering special rates on two popular Term Investments:

MIF’s rates are available for all new 4-year and 6-year MIF Fixed-Rate Term Investments (with a minimum investment of $1,000) as well as the balances on maturing 4-year and 6-year MIF Fixed-Rate Term Investments.

3.00% (APY*)
for the 6-year MIF Fixed-Rate Term Investment

2.10% (APY*)
4-year MIF Fixed-Rate Term Investment

These special rates will be in effect for a limited time, so act now!

Visit mif.elca.org for more information and to download an investment application. For information on all MIF investments and ministry loans, contact MIF Customer Service at 877-886-3522 or your MIF Regional Manager Jerry Johnson, AiM at 904-645-9829 and jerry.johnson@elca.org.

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