Assembly and Nominating Committee Update – Fall 2018

South Carolina Synod Assembly

Be sure to save the dates for the 2019 South Carolina Synod Assembly. This year the assembly will take place at the Spartanburg Marriott, 299 N Church St, Spartanburg, SC 29306 from May 30 until June 1, 2019.

South Carolina Synod Nominations

The South Carolina Synod Nominating Committee will meet on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

According to our constitution we will prepare 2 nominations for each open position.

Deadline for accepting nominations is 5 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

You may send your nominations to any member of the Nominating Committee (listed below) or to the Synod office by email to

The following positions are open for election at the 2019 Assembly:

Synod Council

Terms begin after Synod Assembly. Meetings are generally scheduled in June, September, December, February and April. Synod Council members have voice and vote at assemblies and are expected to attend. The synod council operates with internal committees. Most committees meet prior to the regular council meetings, but some may also meet at other times.

  1. Synod Council Young Adult (age 18-30)
  2. Synod Council Lay Female (At Large)
  3. Synod Council Clergy (Northern Area which includes the Foothills, Heartland and Upstate Conferences )
  4. Synod Council Lay Female (Central Area which includes the Midlands, Saxe Gotha & Western Conferences)
  5. Synod Council Lay Male (At Large)
  6. Synod Council Lay Male (Person of color or primary language other than English)
  7. Synod Council Lay Male (Eastern Area which includes Amelia, Coastal and Epiphany Conferences)
  8. Synod Council Clergy (At Large)
  9. Synod Council Youth (grade 8-11)

Mission Endowment Fund Grant Committee

An Endowment Grant Committee for the South Carolina Synod Mission Endowment Fund shall consist of the bishop of the South Carolina Synod or his or her appointee, the treasurer of this synod, and five members elected by the Synod Assembly. Two of the elected members shall be lay women, two shall be lay men and one shall be an ordained minister on the roster of this synod. The term of office for the five persons elected by the Synod Assembly to membership on this committee shall be three years; individuals so chosen may not serve more than two consecutive full terms. (a.) The members of the Endowment Grant Committee shall not receive compensation for their duties. (b.) The Endowment Grant Committee shall be responsible to the South Carolina Synod through the Synod Council and shall provide annually a report of disbursements to the Synod Assembly. (c.) The Endowment Grant Committee shall meet at least annually and provide the means, dates, and deadlines for grant requests, review such requests, and make recommendations for disbursements to the Synod Council through the synod’s Finance Committee.

  1. Mission Endowment Fund Grant Committee (Clergy)

*South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers, Inc.

Members of the Board of Trustees elected by the synod assembly (9) and by the board (6) may serve two consecutive three-year terms. The board generally meets four times a year with one meeting being an overnight meeting. Members of the board benefit the work of the ministry by being active members of committees. The board promotes and coordinates the ministries at Kinard Conference Center and Coastal Retreat Center. It establishes goals and objectives; oversees policies; is accountable for fiscal affairs; and employs and supervises the Executive Director. Board members are to be active congregational members, skilled in interpersonal relationships, visionary, able to work cooperatively, and advocates for and financial supporters of this ministry.

*Deacon Dallas Shealy, Executive Director, South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers, Inc. will also submit names for consideration by the Nominating Committee to be placed on the ballot.

  1. South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers, Inc. (Lay Male)

2019 South Carolina Synod Nominating Committee

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