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Assembly 2022 Elections

By The Rev. Lisa Isenhower

Voting members to the 2022 South Carolina Synod Assembly voted to elect or approve nominees for 22 different positions, including Synod Secretary and Treasurer. The general election session was opened in prayer by Pastor Andrea Rice, one of the chaplains for this year’s assembly. Pastor Rachel Hoffman presented the slate of nominees to the assembly, and delegates cast their votes using the LUMI voting system.

The election of the SC Synod Secretary began with an ecclesiastical ballot, which means that voting members nominated persons for this position. Those nominated were asked to either withdraw their names from consideration or complete a biographical information form for the second ballot by 1:30 PM.

The general election included ballots for the following:
Eight persons were elected to serve on the South Carolina Synod Council. Sheila Caughman was elected to serve as a lay woman from the Central Area. Daniel Crofts was elected to serve as a lay man from the Eastern Area. William Newmyer was elected to serve as a lay man “at large,” and Kathy Riggin was elected to serve as a lay woman “at large.” Walter LaVone Griffin was elected to Synod Council as a Person of Color/Language other than English for a term ending in 2025. Mary Katherine King was elected to Synod Council as a young adult. Pastor Josh Kestner was elected as a rostered leader from the Northern Area, and Pastor Joanna Gragg was elected to serve as a rostered leader “at large.”

The assembly also elected the following persons to serve on the Committee on Discipline to terms that end in 2028: Pastor Ralph Hill, Pastor Jackie Utley, Diane Ablett, and Brent Lybrand.

The assembly elected four persons to serve on the Consultation Committee, again to terms ending in 2028. They are Pastor Andrew Isenhower, Pastor Patty Sue Burton-Pye, Diane Wicker, and Von Metts.

The assembly elected Pastor Jason Schafer to serve on the Mission Endowment Fund Grant Committee to a term ending in 2025 and Robert Freund to serve on the SC Lutheran Retreat Centers board for a term ending in 2025.

The assembly also overwhelmingly approved Pastor Leroy Cannon as a nominee to the ELCA Church Council as a rostered leader who is a person of color/language other than English. The election for ELCA Church Council will be held at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in August 2022. If elected, Pastor Cannon will serve a term ending in 2028.

The assembly also ratified Kami Kinard’s election to serve on the Novus Way Board to a term ending in 2024.

The assembly approved Raymond Hendrix’s serving as the SC Synod treasurer for a term ending in 2028. 
The second ballot for the office of SC Synod Secretary included the names Ozzie Herlong, Bobby Morris, and Kevin Ogilvie. After results were verified, 287 legal ballots were cast. Of those, 75%–or 216—were required for election. Ozzie Herlong received 216 votes and was reelected as SC Synod Secretary.

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