Annual Financial Response Resources

By The Rev. Ozzie Herlong

Director for Stewardship

The months of September, October and November are often the time for the annual financial response in congregations. It’s not too late to implement a plan for the fall. Although a year-round stewardship plan brings best results, here’s a few financial response resources you may want to consider:

“Walk with Jesus” is a stewardship response program written specifically with small membership and mid-size congregations in mind. The four-week program contains everything needed to conduct a biblically based effective stewardship program in your congregation. The program is well-organized, straight forward and easy to use. Materials are provided both in a booklet and on a CD. Included are a bulletin insert, letter and worship talk guide for three consecutive weeks. The materials for each week focus on the theme for the week: walk, listen, or give. Commitment Sunday materials, including an estimate of giving card and extensive follow-ups helps are also provided. Materials on the CD are Microsoft Word files that are customized for the congregation’s specific needs. “Walk with Jesus” is available in digital download: ELCAEO1012-DD. Go here to download this resource.

“Stewardship in the Small Membership Congregation” is packed with resources: an overview of the importance of congregational stewardship and the involvement of leadership, a six-session bible study, and a complete congregational stewardship emphasis plan that includes Sunday School or small group study lessons and worship materials. This digital resource is available from Ecumenical Stewardship Center.

“New Consecration Sunday” by Herb Miller approaches financing the ministries of your congregation by teaching stewardship from a spiritual perspective rather than a fundraising perspective. It focuses on the question, “What is God calling me to do?” rather than, “What does the church need in order to pay its bills?” The program features a Guest Leader and a Catered Celebration Meal. This program takes six-weeks and can be conducted in the fall or at other times during the year. Contact Rev. Ozzie Herlong to identify a Guest Leader. If a congregation is willing to follow the model by the book, some financial assistance with this program is available through the Growing in God’s Mission Appeal, South Carolina Synod.

Please feel free to You may also contact Rev. Ozzie Herlong for assistance in the area of stewardship anytime at 803-360-1877 or

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