By Neal F. Fischer, Director of Communications

mobile-mailEmail newsletters, like The South Carolina Lutheran eNews, can be blocked or filtered into the bulk folder especially now that email filters are focusing more strongly on “grey mail” or commercial mail. As a result of these changes you may be unable to read certain email communications even if you have subscribed to receive them.

Recently, I’ve helped some people in the situation of not getting our eNews in their inbox. To avoid these situations, add our email addresses to your Safe Senders List. Below is a link to a list of the most used email programs with easy to follow instructions on how to add email addresses to your Safe Senders List.

Please add either the From Address – – that the email you received came from OR add the domain to your Address Book or Contacts to continue receiving your subscriptions in your inbox!

What is an Email Safe Senders List? Think of it like a western, the good guys wear the white hats. The bad guys where the black hats.

Each email program features spam filters which automatically recognize white-listed and blacklisted email addresses. White-listed addresses are acceptable and mail from these addresses is usually delivered to the inbox without extra filtering.  Blacklisted addresses are senders from which you do not wish to receive email communication from. The Safe Senders List, also referred to as a White List, is a list of all email addresses you would like to receive email from without impediment.

Your Safe Senders List is managed by you within your email program and can be updated based on your preferences.  By default, email messages that you add to your own personal address book are considered safe and will not be re-routed to your junk email folder.

How to Add an Email Address to Your Safe Senders List?

Follow this link ( It has easy instructions for setting up safe senders in your mail client.

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