2018 Synod Assembly Registration

By Beth Fulmer

Lutherans, Lutherans, and more Lutherans arrived at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, SC, on May 31 for the South Carolina Synod, ELCA, Assembly. One would think that chaos would rule, but the registration process ran like a well-oiled machine, making it evident that much planning had gone into what turned out to be a very smooth process.

On the right side of the entrance hallway, booths were set up with information and fun giveaways. The registration process took place on the left side of the hall. Participants picked up their name badges, their voting packs or devices, and their t-shirts, in that order. There was VERY little waiting, and the smiles and greetings from those registering the participants made it a very pleasant experience. All that can be said is, “Well done!”


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