porticoIt’s that time of year again! Portico Benefit Services and the Mayo Clinic want everyone in the Synod who gets their healthcare through the ELCA-Primary Benefit plan to assess their health, and there’s a reward of $150 in wellness dollars if you do.

BUT, there’s a new twist this year.

“This year, Portico invites you to make a change that lasts,” writes Diaconal Minister and ELCA Wellness Manager Tammy Devine. “In the past, we’ve rewarded you for trying a 4-6 week activity after taking the health assessment. This year is different. There is no prescribed activity. You decide what to change and how you’ll do it. You’ll still earn wellness dollars if you’re a member, spouse, or ESGP with ELCA-Primary health benefits. But more importantly, you’ll earn a healthier lifestyle.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Click here to start filling out your wellness assessment. As in previous years, it’s crucial that you do this by April 30, because if enough ELCA-Primary Benefit members from New England complete the survey, we will receive an across-the-board discount on health contributions. Last year, we reached the goal with just a few days to spare – can we do better this year?
  • Ask yourself: “Am I living a healthy lifestyle to support my physical and emotional health?” Based on your answer, pick one of two tasks to complete by Nov. 30 to earn $250 more in wellness dollars.

The options are:

Option A: Strengthen Your Health
Most of us have work to do to better care for our physical and emotional health. If that’s true for you, use the GO! Challenge to create a meaningful, durable change in your lifestyle. Consider inviting others to join you. Earn your $250 wellness dollars when you achieve your intended change and report it on Mayo Clinic Healthy Living online.

Option B: Strengthen Our Community
If you’ve demonstrated over time a commitment to caring for yourself, physically and emotionally, take Portico’s “I’m Living Well” survey so that your experience can help others. Earn $250 wellness dollars when you complete the “I’m Living Well” survey and report it on Mayo Clinic Healthy Living online.

So, now it’s up to you. You have a little over three months to complete the survey, but there’s no time like the present! Click here to learn more.

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