Is your congregation thinking about a capital campaign?

By Paula Kitt

We all know that it takes funding to do ministry. Every congregation, including your own, needs funding to carry out God’s calling through ministries of teaching, reaching out to others, gathering for worship, and serving in the community and beyond. A capital campaign is a method for raising a specified sum of money during a defined period of time.

A congregation that finds itself being held back in its ministry, or being called to expand/change its ministry, might conduct a capital campaign to achieve a large, challenging endeavor, such as retiring debt, expanding facilities, or launching a new ministry program. A very important trait of an effective congregational campaign is a clear, compelling vision for ministry. This means synching the “what we are doing” with the “why are we doing this”; connecting the reason for the campaign with the going-forward ministry work that will happen as a result. Leading up to and during the campaign, members need to hear this vision communicated often and through many different methods. Vision-infused campaign messaging will assist people in their personal faith and financial walk. God will take what we are able to do and make miraculous things happen through our combined service and gifts.

MIF Capital Campaign Services is a ministry program and service helping ELCA congregations conduct an effective capital, debt or annual stewardship appeal. Our purpose is to strengthen the ministry work of ELCA congregations by helping them raise funds, renew faith, and reach vision goals. The program is designed to emphasize Biblical stewardship, clearly communicate the importance of your congregation’s vision and project, and inspire generosity. Learn more at, or contact Paula Kitt, 773-682-2738,

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