_ELCAvotes_Luther__1_Be a part of the #ELCAvotes movement by engaging with your community through conversation, prayer, and action this election season!

1. Exercise your faith with ELCAvotes Bible Study on “Voting Rights Today”

2. Engage your community with the ELCAvotes Civic Participation and Voter Education Guide – a resources guide to encourage, empower and equip Lutherans for responsibly civic engagement based on their faith values.

3. Raise your voice by telling your friends and family how your faith compels you to be actively engaged in the election process. Use #ELCAvotes when you post on social media!

Click here to let ELCA Advocacy know how you are taking action this month! Thank you in advance for your dedication to advocacy!

To stay updated on the ELCAvotes initiative, you can join by clicking here.

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