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De la cuna a la sepultura

La Navidad se acerca a su tiempo de descenso. El año viejo está por finalizar,  el año nuevo no ha llegado aún. Ya es demasiado tarde para alcanzar las metas fijadas en el Año Nuevo anterior, y apenas queda tiempo suficiente para darse cuenta de que, cualquiera que sea la forma o el estado en el que uno esté, esa será la forma o el estado en el que uno llegará al final del año. Uno recibe una dosis alta de “lo que pudo haber sido”.

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From cradle to grave

Christmas comes at a descending time. The old year is coming to an end, the new year is not yet here. It is too late to accomplish goals set on the previous New Year’s Day, and just enough time to realize that whatever shape or state you are in will be the shape or state in which you end the year. There is a hefty dose of “what might have been.”

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ELCA, Episcopal, and Catholic Church leaders issue statement on East Jerusalem hospitals

The Presiding Bishop and Conference of Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church on behalf of its House of Bishops, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committees on International Justice and Peace and Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs together wish to raise their grave concern that the Trump Administration has apparently decided to halt further U.S. humanitarian assistance to hospitals in East Jerusalem as part of a wider curtailment of U.S. funding that has been assisting the Palestinian people for many years.

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The Blessing of the Animals,… and Plants, and…

It is that time of year when word of a Blessing of the Animals service is heard in many congregations. Saint Francis of Assisi is known as the patron saint of animals, and his commemoration takes place on October 4. Hence, if a congregation hosts a Blessing of Animals service, they typically plan their event near this date. There is, however, more for us to know about this blessing and about Saint Francis.

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Hurricane Recovery Updates

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