3 Months Later: Hurricane Michael

Lutheran Disaster Response, through our partners, has provided support for food and other immediate needs. We stand ready to provide additional support as longer term needs arise.

Walking Together During the Government Shutdown – How to Help

The shutdown causes worry and doubt about when I will be able to return to work. I wonder if this will continue – how will I be able to make ends meet? I think the church can walk with those affected by the shutdown by raising the concerns of those impacted to...

Pressure on vulnerable people amplified by shutdown

After another week of stalled budget negotiations, the U.S. is now in the third week of the partial government shutdown. Various media outlets and agencies have covered important points over the past few days, such as the 800,000 workers left without pay, limited TSA...

De la cuna a la sepultura

La Navidad se acerca a su tiempo de descenso. El año viejo está por finalizar,  el año nuevo no ha llegado aún. Ya es demasiado tarde para alcanzar las metas fijadas en el Año Nuevo anterior, y apenas queda tiempo suficiente para darse cuenta de que, cualquiera que sea la forma o el estado en el que uno esté, esa será la forma o el estado en el que uno llegará al final del año. Uno recibe una dosis alta de “lo que pudo haber sido”.

From cradle to grave

Christmas comes at a descending time. The old year is coming to an end, the new year is not yet here. It is too late to accomplish goals set on the previous New Year’s Day, and just enough time to realize that whatever shape or state you are in will be the shape or state in which you end the year. There is a hefty dose of “what might have been.”

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