ELCA and Portico Announce Changes to ELCA Medicare-Primary Health Benefits for 2019

In response to the ever-changing health care landscape, the ELCA and Portico have worked together to design changes to ELCA Medicare-Primary health benefits that will take effect Jan. 1, 2019. The majority of members with these benefits will be positively affected by enhanced coverage and reduced monthly contributions, or premiums.

Be a part of ELCAvotes

Election Day is only four months away, and faith leaders are getting involved in civic engagement across the country. ELCAvotes provides support and resources for congregations serving their communities through nonpartisan election activities, voter registration and access to the ballot.

Is your congregation thinking about a capital campaign?

We all know that it takes funding to do ministry. Every congregation, including your own, needs funding to carry out God’s calling through ministries of teaching, reaching out to others, gathering for worship, and serving in the community and beyond. A capital campaign is a method for raising a specified sum of money during a defined period of time.

The Stories You Tell

Over the last year, as the Regional Gift Planner for the ELCA Foundation, serving the Carolinas, Deacon Mitzie Schafer has worked with more than 30 congregations who chose to take intentional steps to improve their ability to receive outright or estate gifts. Deacon Schafer uses a process called the Ministry Funding Plan. In every congregation there is a story that illustrates the need for this ministry.

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