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Information about the 2021 Synod Assembly

Do you remember exactly where you were when the reality of COVID-19 impacting every aspect of your life sunk in?  The day you were sent to work from home, the day you were laid off, the day you made the decision that worship needed to be online?  I think we can all remember these distinct moments when this pandemic impacted our lives and turned our every day and the fairly predictable into the utterly inconceivable. 

One aspect of all of our lives that has changed, whether briefly or even to this day, is worship and how we gather as community safely, distanced, and yet still lovingly centered in Christ.  For so many of our congregations and church leaders we have had to add line items to the budget for zoom accounts, watch YouTube videos on how to create a YouTube channel, and figure out what it means to creatively lead worship while looking into a camera lens rather than the eyes of our church family.

These challenges have also brought with them gifts and have gracefully, and sometimes not so gracefully, forced faith communities into the uncharted territories of the virtual world.  These gifts will not go away once we are back to a new normal. These gifts, if we are smart, will continue to evolve and influence how we continue to do ministry and minister to those in our flock and even outside our church walls.

This summer, due to the realities of this season, we will be having our Synod Assembly online.  We will gather together online on Saturday, June 26th.  We know that for so many, this may seem like one more meeting sitting in front of a screen, but we are excited to create space and opportunities for us to be connected as a Synod all the while staying safely distanced.

Along with the important business of Synod Assembly, we will have the opportunity to hear from Ryan Panzer, author of Grace and Gigabytes.  He will help us dive deep into our theme, To Boldly Go…To Proclaim in this season of The Holy and the Hybrid.  Panzer will be diving into being church in a tech-shaped culture while focusing on worship, faith formation, and stewardship.  Registration will open soon with the Early Bird pricing ($30 per person) and regular registration will open April 20th ($50 per person). 

We are eager to gather together and to share, listen, and learn and To Boldly Go…To Proclaim as the SC Synod!

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