Zion Likes to Eat, and Likes Others to Eat too!

Zion/Lexington likes to eat, and they like others to eat, too! Over a dozen years ago, Zion began cooking and delivering a modest number of Thanksgiving meals to community shut-ins on a celebratory day when Meals on Wheels was not operating. Working with the County for a list of needy recipients, Zion has grown the feast in 2017 to over 1200 plates. What fun it is to laugh and sing as 60 turkeys are carved and combined with 38 gallons of peas, dozens of trays of dressing, cranberry, 60 pound cakes, and enough gravy to float a small boat! What a joy to deliver Thanksgiving to neighbors!

Bold Like Jesus: On the Road to Emmaus

Bold Like Jesus is an annual ecumenical Missional Leaders conference. It invites lay and rostered participants to be bold disciples – to answer their baptismal calls to discipleship.

A Christmas Message from Bishop Herman Yoos

This past week, in his article “What’s Wrong with Radicalism,” New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote some words that I think help frame the symbolism of Christ’s birth into the world for us today.

“We are living in an age of radicalism.” Both the radical right and the radical left “are more intent on denouncing the people they hate than on addressing the concrete problems before them.”

In our prayers: Ethel Doratha Clamp Frick

Ethel Doratha Clamp Frick of China Grove passed away on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at the home of her daughter. She was born March 23, 1925 to the late William A. and Humis Bowers Clamp in Newberry, South Carolina. Her mother died when she was seven and she was...

A Christmas message from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

I was driving to work one day thinking about my schedule – the meetings I needed to attend, reports I needed to finish, preparations for upcoming travel, email, phone calls, and making a grocery list in my head so that I could pick up what I needed for supper on the way home from work. All of a sudden, I found myself pulling into the parking garage at the Lutheran Center. I had driven the 9 miles to work and had no idea how I got there. I didn’t remember the traffic lights, the turns, the scenery – nothing. I had been so absorbed in what was coming up that I was completely oblivious to the present.


If I was told once, I was told at least five times that I HAD to write an article about the Woodchucks. Of course, I told each and every parishioner who mentioned this that I would be happy to do so but it would require some research on my part since I was not a Woodchuck nor was I at all familiar with the Woodchucks and their story. My initial research led me to the fact that a woodchuck was a member of the squirrel family and I was pretty sure that was not what was causing all of the excitement and the pressing requests. As it turns out, the Woodchucks at Messiah Lutheran Church in Mauldin are a unique group of approximately eight men who chop, split, sell, and deliver wood to anyone and everyone who needs it.

I will never stop dreaming about my future

Manhal Mohamed says that the day in June 2009 when Lutheran Services met him at the airport was the best day of his life.

In October, Manhal spoke at the Terra Restaurant in Columbia to a gathering of LSC employees and community partners who have been supportive of LSC’s refugee clients by giving them job opportunities. Employers represented were Still Hopes Episcopal Retirement Home, ProLogistix, Aramark, Palmetto Health, and Embassy Suites.

Congregational Safety Conversation

South Carolina Synod leaders gathered for conversation and prayer on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Columbia around the topic of violence in our society and safety in our congregations.