We belong to the Truth

We belong to the Truth. In her July column for Living Lutheran, ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton asks: “How do we live as people of Truth in a time of spin?” In deep humility, profound gratitude and real joy.

ELCA introduces 60-day gun violence resource

The ELCA has launched a resource, “A 60-Day Journey Toward Justice in a Culture of Gun Violence,” featuring daily observances that revolve around prayer, education and advocacy on gun violence.

A Call to Discipleship

In this season of Pentecost, as we open ourselves anew to the work of the Holy Spirit, the presiding bishop) commends to this church the Arusha Call to Discipleship from the World Council of Churches.

Gathering, word, meal and sending

Gathering, word, meal, sending. In her June column for Living Lutheran, ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton reflects on why we worship: “[Liturgy is] a discipline Lutherans willingly undertake because it helps individuals and the entire community express our connection with other Christians throughout the world and across the ages.”

General Election Results

Here are the results from this year’s assembly. Included are the results of the votes for the compensation guidelines and budget.

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