What information you need to register yourself or a group

16:01 07 March in Synod Assembly

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What information you need to register yourself or a group…
The Early Bird Deadline ends on April 21, 2017

Email Address
Phone number
T-shirt Size
Special Needs or Allergies

Catechism or New Member Story
In 2017 we are remembering the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and in the SC Synod we are collecting your stories about Catechism experiences. If you didn’t go through Catechism as a teen perhaps you have a story from a new members class you attended, or another ministry in your church that made an impact on your life.

Please tell us in a few sentences to a short paragraph something you remember from catechism that made an impact on your life, and that you carry with you today. It can be profound! It can be funny! It needs to be whatever you want to share. Please name the church and pastor you received instruction from, if possible.


Dinner Worship on Sunday, May 21, 2017
Everyone is invited!!! The 2017 SC Synod Assembly Sunday evening opening dinner and worship will be hosted by local Charleston area Lutheran Churches. We encourage everyone to register for one of the locations and join in with area congregational members to share a meal, along with a brief and unique Service of Worship which includes Holy Communion. Dinner and Worship will happen around the dinner table and will be led by the area pastors. Members of the Assembly as well as the local members of area churches are invited to come back together to The Charleston Marriott for a special Dessert Celebration. You will not want to miss this special experience. Travel time is allotted to get to the churches and to get back to the Marriott. Carpooling is recommended. Maps and Directions will be printed and available at Registration. Please choose one church.
Cost $25.00
If you have an allergies please list it on your registration. Ex. If are allergic to Shellfish please list that.

All Saints Lutheran Church
2107 Highway 17 N 3
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
3075 Bees Ferry Road
Charleston, SC 29414

Martin Luther Lutheran Church
1605 Harbor View Road
Charleston, SC 29412

Peace Lutheran Church
8315 Dorchester Road
North Charleston, SC 2948

Redeemer Lutheran Church
714 Riverdale Drive
Charleston, SC 29407

St. Johannes, Lutheran Church
48 Hassell Street
Charleston, SC 29413

St. John Lutheran Church
5 Clifford Street
Charleston, SC 29401

St. Luke Lutheran Church
206 Central Avenue
Summerville, SC 29483

St. Mark Lutheran Church
300 Palm Blvd.
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

St. Matthew Lutheran
405 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403

St. Paul, Mt. Pleasant
604 Pitt Street
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Breakfast on Monday, May 22nd
Host: Newberry College
Speaker: Coach Todd Knight
Cost: $34.00

Slices of Brioche French Toast
Sliced Seasonal Fruit
Coffee, Tea & Water

Lunch on Monday, May 22nd
On your Own

Dinner on Monday, May 22nd
Host: Inclusiveness Network
Speaker: Pastor Leroy Cannon
Cost: $44.00 (Chicken) or $40.00 (Vegetarian)

Grilled Chicken Breast w/ San Marinara, Sweet Peppers
Parmesan Whipped Potatoes
Mixed Green Salad
Fresh Baked Breads
Individual Chocolate Espresso Tiramisu
Coffee, Tea & Water

Roasted Eggplant Napoleon w/ Zucchini w/ Sweet Peppers
Mixes Green Salad
Fresh Baked Breads
Individual Chocolate Espresso Tiramisu
Coffee, Tea & Water

Breakfast on Tuesday, May 23rd
Host: South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers Inc.
Speaker: Deacon Dallas Shealy
Cost: $31.00

Scrambled eggs
Breakfast Potatoes
Smoked Bacon
Fresh Muffins with jams & preserves
Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice & Water

Faith Practices: Please choose only one – These will take place on Monday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 pm
Deepening our Discipleship

Title: Seeing the Church through scattered lenses
Leaders: Rev. Dwight Dubois
Location: Charleston
Description: This workshop will build on the keynote presenter’s metaphor of the gathered and scattered church. Participants will have time to envision how they might influence their congregations to better prepare all members to be salt, light, and leaven for the world, not just through what we do in and through the church, but in the everyday activities of our lives.

Title: How Does Your Congregation Encourage (or Discourage) Healthy Lifestyles?
Leader: Pastor Paul Aebischer, Regional Coordinator for Portico Benefits Services
Location: Charleston Marriott
Description: It’s a powerful question many churches haven’t considered. This practical workshop gives you ideas and tools so you can evaluate your church culture and identify ways to encourage your leaders and members to make healthy lifestyle choices. Join Pastor Paul Aebischer, Region 9 Representative for Portico Benefit Services, and make this your congregation’s first step into the wellness reformation!

Title: Reimagining a New Faith Formation Ecosystem
Leaders: Deacon Andrew More & Deacon Deb Poole
Location: Charleston Marriott
Description: We live in the midst of a changing culture and context. We need a new faith formation ecosystem that reflects these changes and provides the tools to enable us to faithfully live into the 21st century.

Title: Hopes and Vision: “Called Forward Together in Christ”
Leader: Pastor Ginny Aebischer
Location: Charleston Marriott
Description: Taking a look together at where our hopes, dreams and visions for ministry intersect with the hopes, dreams and visions for ministry of our brothers and sisters across the Synod and the whole church. We will learn more about what “Called Forward Together in Christ” says and how we live out the mission of the church in our own communities.

Title: Ministry with Senior Adults
Leaders: Mr. Ernest Beck
Location: Franke @ Seaside
Transportation: Franke Buses
Description: As a ministry of Lutheran Homes of SC, Franke promotes the well-being of older adults through residential, health care and hospice services. Transportation provided for a 1 to 2 hour volunteer service activity working directly with our residents in higher levels of care. One large activity will be with our more mobile residents, while others may break into smaller groups with our less mobile residents to read, pray, visit and share stories.

Title: Beyond Selma
Leaders: Pastor Leroy Cannon & Pastor Jackie Utley
Host: Jon Heiliger
Location: St. Johannes Lutheran Church, 48 Hasell St. Charleston
Description: Participate in “Talking Together: Facing Racism in our community,” an interactive workshop designed to help us
experience racial diversity and all the gifts that diversity brings to our lives and our community.
Transportation: Bus

Title: Walking together faithfully in solidarity with God’s people in the world
Leaders: Pastor Jim Vigen, Pastor Mark Cerniglia & Bishop Hernandez, Dr. Cathy Milejczak, Frank & Bonnie Bouknight.
Location: St. John Lutheran Church, 5 Clifford Street, Charleston
Description: A cultural enrichment experience through food, music, stories, dance and prayer with our 3 companion synods (Tanzania, Colombia and Japan)
Transportation: Church Bus

Title: Dragon Boats
Leaders: Cindy Greenwood
Location: Brittle Bank Park (next to Marriott)
Transportation: Walking – across the street from the Marriott—less than 5 minute walk
Description: Experience Team Building & Community on the beautiful Ashley River through the ancient Chinese sport of dragon boating. We’ll have 2 boats, 2 coaches, 2 steerspersons, a chase boat, 7 experienced paddlers, and 33 seats for participants. Participants need to have the ability to step down/up two feet to get in/out of the boat from the dock. Paddling takes physical exertion and all must sign a liability wavier the day of the event. It is a water sport so you will get wet. Fill your water bottle, put on closed-toed shoes, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen and walk across the street from the Marriott to the boats at the Bristol Marina. Life vests and paddles provided. To learn more before you register go to www.dragonboatcharleston.org and watch the festival promo. See you on the dock!

Title: Reformation Celebration: Marty Party
Leaders: Mrs. Cathy Amende
Location: The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer; 714 Riverdale Dr., Charleston, SC 29407
Transportation: Church Bus
Description: Celebrate Reformation with a bang! Redeemer Lutheran is hosting a “Marty Party”. We will dress as monks and nuns (costumes provided). Events include relay races, free the nun, armor of god, pound the Thesis on the door, and fishing in the herring barrel. Light snacks will be provided.

Title: History comes to life: Gullah Geechee Tour
Leaders: Mr. Al Miller, Owner of Sights and Insights Tours, Inc.
Location: around town-to Angel Oak on John’s Island
Transportation: Gullah Geechee Tour Bus
Description: 2 ½ hour tour of the black history & culture of the Charleston area

Title: Congregations Starting Congregations
Leaders: Pastor Rick Carter
Location: Charleston Marriott (Opal 2)
Description: Discover How Your Congregation Can Share God’s Blessings Through A New Start! As we seek to grow God’s church and extend welcome to all God’s people, we are worshiping in pews, city parks, brew pubs and libraries; we are breaking bread in homes and in shelters, and we are equipping our neighbors with both spiritual and physical sustenance. With our hands, we are doing God’s work of restoring and reconciling communities in God’s name.
Come join the conversation and learn how your congregation can start a “New Congregation.”

Title: Serving and Engaging Our Veterans
Leaders: TriCounty Veterans Support Network and its Spiritual Support Outpost Network; Tim Taylor and Pastor Tom Cassem
Location: Martin Luther Lutheran Church (1605 Harborview Rd. James Island, SC)
Transportation: Church Bus
Description: Helping congregations become more military-friendly and to better serve veterans in their congregations and communities. The workshop will feature information and discussion on:
➢ Veterans’ needs—physical, mental, spiritual, social
➢ Ways in which congregations can meet veterans’ needs
➢ Ways in which congregations can network with other local, state, and national agencies and congregations to help veterans
➢ Gifts which the veterans can offer to the congregations
➢ Ways in which congregations can help the veterans get more connected to local congregations and become active in congregational life

Title: A Refugee’s Journey
Leaders: Lutheran Services Carolinas & Sarah Bowers, Redeemer Lutheran, Columbia
Location: St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, 405 King Street, Charleston
Transportation: Church Bus
Description: Join staff members from Lutheran Services Carolinas to learn more about the Refugee Resettlement Services that are happening throughout the Charleston area. Participate in a Refugee Simulation exercise to better understand the resettlement process as well as learn some of the realities that refugees often face.