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15:00 03 February in Our Story

operation_inasmuchBy Rev. Paul A. Wollner, Operation Inasmuch Task Force

Five hundred years ago, the world changed forever when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the doors of the Wittenberg Castle Church. Those doors served as a place of proclamation for the reforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Five centuries later, the Spirit is still at work constantly reforming us to serve God as we are sent out through the doors of our congregations to serve our neighbors and the world around us. For the last ten years, congregations of the South Carolina Synod have been serving their neighbors through Operation InAsMuch.

red-doorsEach spring, Operation Inasmuch gathers hundreds of Lutherans to offer thousands of hours worth of creative and meaningful community service projects. This year’s date for the South Carolina Synod Operation InAsMuch will take place on Saturday, April 16. Some congregations may choose other days. You can learn more about how you and your congregation can be involved by visiting the synod website and searching for “Operation InAsMuch.”

This year as you open doors to the world around us, you are asked to take pictures and create written accounts of the projects you undertake. We will gather these at the 2016 Synod Assembly to share on what else?…. RED DOORS.

The Synod Operation Inasmuch Task Force, part of the Community Outreach Network, thank you for your continued support of Operation Inasmuch!

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