Conference Deans: New Responsibilities

16:41 01 June in News

Social-Icon-TwitterConferences are blessed to have the thoughtful and wise leadership of a Dean. The following are the names of the current Deans along with a revised description of the ministry that they are responsible for in addition to meeting with the Bishop and Assistants at least twice a year.

Rev. Robert Miles, Foothills
Rev. Ron Hartman, Epiphany
Rev. Wayne Young, Amelia
Rev. Michael Price, Heartland
Rev. Frank Anderson, Midlands
Rev. Bonnie Mefferd, Coastal
Rev. James Laurence, Saxe Gotha
Rev. Reggie Cruse, Western

New Dean Responsibilities

  1. Welcome new Pastors to the conference and be attentive to pastoral care concerns both with rostered leaders and/or congregations.
  2. Deans will now be the ones who install new pastors in their conference which means installations will take place in the afternoon so more clergy can be present. Congregations will provide $150 for the Dean when preaching the sermon plus mileage. The Synod Bishop and Assistants will assist when the Dean requests it or is not available.
  3. Deans will Coordinate and help organize Conference ministry events and meetings. Deans will call conference meetings at least annually and will assist in organizing ministries such as Fall School of Religion, Everyday Evangelism Training, Stewardship Events, Operation Inasmuch. They will also encourage participation of all Rostered Leaders in their conference to attend Fall Convocation, Rostered Leadership Days, and other Synod leadership events.
  4. Elections for new Deans will be held every three years. The Bishop and/or Assistants will come to lead the election process when asked.
  5. Occasionally Deans will be asked to assist Dr. Tony Everett with Listening Posts In congregations and can assist the Bishop when there is congregational conflict.
  6. Synod staff will communicate to the Dean when a vote to call a new pastor is taking place in their Conference so that they can be in prayer for the congregation and rostered leader in call process. Synod will also notify all Deans when anyone accepts a new call.