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2015 Synod Assembly elections

2015  Nomination form for Synod Assembly elections
2015 Vacancies to be filled at Synod Assembly


Baptism series, by Bishop Herman Yoos

Part 1: The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

Part 2: What benefits does God give in Baptism? What is God's promise?

Part 3: How can water do such great things?

Part 4: What does Baptism mean for daily living? 


Call Process

Frequently Asked Questions About the Call Process

Ethics: A sensitive matter 

Campus Ministry

Student Referral Form 


Candidacy forms are online - click to connect. 

Compensation guidelines and worksheets - 2015

NOTE: The suggested compensation rate
          based on years of experience is found
          in Appendix A of the Compensation Guidelines. 

2015 Compensation guidelines

2015 Worksheet: Clergy living in a parsonage

2015 Worksheet: Clergy with housing allowance

2015 Worsheet: Rostered Lay leader

Computer Use Policy (thanks to the ELCA for providing this!)

Sample Computer and Internet Use Policy for Congregations to consider


Constitution and approved amendments for Congregations

This comes to us from the ELCA. Here is link to the information. 

SC Synod Constitution as ammended February 23, 2015.


 Directory and Minutes of SC Synod - 2014

PART 1: Cover, Table of Contents, General information

PART 2: Rostered Leaders and Congregations

PART 3: Register of Voting Members, Minutes of Synod  

Part 4: Bulletin of Reports

Part 5: Constitution, Bylaws, and back cover


ELCA Statistical Reports for the SC Synod as of December 31, 2013

Congregation Name and Address Summary Report for 2013

Form A - Congregation Finances as of December 31, 2013

Form A - Summary of Congregational Statistics as of December 31, 2013

Form C - Summary of Congregational Information as of December 31, 2013

Summary of Congregations That Did Not File 2013 Report Form A


Endowment Fund (Deadline August 1)

Mission Endowment Fund application PDF

FILLABLE Mission Endowment Fund application PDF

Mission Endowment Fund application in Microsoft Word


Everyday Evangelism

Fall 2014 Everyday Evangelism Training brochure
(Two locations: Messiah, Mauldin and Bethlehem, Irmo) 

Fall Convocation

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Gift and Bequest Policy

Gift and Bequest Policy of the SC Synod, adopted November 2013

Growing in God's Mission Appeal

Special Tax Update for 2013 - IRA Rollover information

Full color brochure (prospectus)

Statement of Intent

Handbook Appendix

2015 Growing God's Mission Cover Letter

2015 Growing God's Mission Grant Application

2015 Water Walk Brochure

Safe Water Bulletin Insert (in color)

Safe Water Bulletin Insert (in greyscale)


Interim ministry

Sample Interim Contract in Microsoft Word

Sample Interim Contract in .pdf format 

Operation Inasmuch

Tasks and timeline

Report form - due May 24th

Priorities and idea lists


Organizational chart - SC Synod, ELCA

Click here for the latest version of the Synod's organizational chart.


Policies and Procedures of the SC Synod, ELCA

Sexual Misconduct policy



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Resources for Congregations

ELCA Fact Checker

Mission Endowment Fund application(deadline August 1)

Pulpit Supply list with compensation information 


 SC Lutheran Church Youth

Club 4-5-6 flyer

Hand-in-hand registration form

2015 Winter Retreats flyer

LCY Convention Registration Form

Spring Into Action Registration Form


 SC Lutheran Men in Mission

Please check the SCLMM Website, www.sclmm.org


SC Women of the ELCA

Please click here for the SC Women of the ELCA's Website.



Order form for "How Much is Enough?"  

Synod Assembly

(Documents are available on Synod Assembly page.) 

Synod Council

Synod Council Actions




I want to: 


By Tom Schwolert, Trainer & Coach, Vibrant Faith Ministries

Certification School is a life-shaping, faith-shaping experience that draws out the gifts and passions of students and channels their efforts toward creating a culture of spiritual vitality that enriches young and old alike, both in their homes and in their congregations. Students are grounded in family systems, faith formation research, leadership principles and practice, adolescent brain development, and are provided with hundreds of tools to support their efforts.

Certification school includes a week-long onsite gathering at Camp Kinard in Batesburg-Leesville during the week of May 3-8, a two-day “virtual” reunion and several online learning experiences, providing maximum learning within a short timespan in very flexible, user-friendly formats. Students read and discuss the following books: Vibrant Faith in the Congregation, Surface to Soul, Sustainable Youth Ministry and Intergenerational Faith Formation. They read dozens of articles from Lifelong Faith Journals and will surf numerous websites and blogs.

Monthly webinars, recorded training sessions, blogging assignments and Facebook Parties set the stage for creating and presenting a Ministry Plan that will guide the student’s future ministry efforts. Participants usually spend 10-12 hours a month reading, blogging and participating in webinars. If this sounds like the next step in your personal, professional and spiritual development, please call (877-239-2492) or email (tschwolert@vibrantfaith.org) me!

Partial scholarships are available for South Carolina Synod participants. Please contact Jenny Spearen at jenny@scsynod.com for more information.

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